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Sony planning an animated Ghostbusters movie as well

Having already breathed new life into the franchise by pushing forwards with Paul Feig’s eagerly awaited reboot, Sony is set to go even bigger on its Ghostbusters revival with plans afoot for a new animated movie. And according to The Wrap (opens in new tab), this one will have an even stronger link to the originals, with Ivan Reitman apparently in place to produce.

Rumours had emerged some time ago that Sony had another Ghostbusters project up its sleeve, only for Reitman himself to publically rebut them, saying that there was only one Ghostbusters movie at Sony and that “the rest is just noise”. Sounds like that noise just got a little louder…

The plans would appear to match Sony’s Spider-Man strategy, with an animated movie being produced alongside the live-action reboot the studio is working on with Marvel. No specific details have been revealed about the Ghostbusters animation, but if it’s half as fun as the classic series The Real Ghostbusters, we’re fully on board. In the meantime, we can look forward to Feig’s film opening on July 15 2016.

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