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Sony Gamer's Day 2006 - All the FACTS

Here is all the information so far in brain-bombingly easy bullet-pointed format. Remember to check back later today for our in-depth hands-on with the games. To see our delicously bloated list of related previews, new screens and piping fresh videos, headover here.

* PS3 launches in the US on November 17.

* SCEA president Kaz Hirai says the launch will be "the most robust lineup of any console launch for titles."

* There will be 22 launch window titles, including Ridge Racer 7, Full Auto 2, FEAR, NBA Live 07, Call of Duty 3, , Genji: Days of the Blade, NBA 2K7, NHL 2K7, Rainbow Six Vegas, Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Untold Legends. For the full list, headhere.

* The PS3 will play DVD, CD and Blu-ray video.

* The Blu-ray edition of Will Ferrell laugh-'em-up Talladega Nights will be packaged in the first 500,000 PS3 systems.

* The Wii aping waggle-action Sixaxis controller apparently doesn't require any outside sensors, and amazing uses for it in the future are promised.

* Also rammed in the box will be an AC cord (no brick), a USB mini cable, an Ethernet cable and a multi-AV cable with composite connector.

* First-party software including Genji, Resistance, and NBA 07 will debut at $59.99.

* The controller will be $49.99.

* Memory card adaptors will be $14.99.

* The Blu-ray remote (coming in December) will be $24.99.

* On October 26, Sony will begin sending out 15,000 kiosks.

* The kiosks will feature Sony Bravia HD monitors.

* All kiosks will be networked and be able to stream game demos.

* Resistance boasts a solid online mode with 40 player capacity and a lobby with community features including clans, buddy lists and stats.

* NBA 07 will be the first sports game in 1080p resolution.

* The PS3 can be turned on from the controller.

* The PSP-a-like media bar interface will also appear on Sony TVs.

* The PS3's in built photo album, creates a 3D representation of all the user's hi-res photos spread out on simple white table.

* With the music bar users can manage Mp3s and the video icon previews clips in real time thumbnails.

* Users will be able to use the keyboard interface to send messages which supports predictive text, although a USB keyboard is also an option.

* An internet browser will be fully functioning and free of charge.

* There will be a PlayStation Store much like Xbox Marketplace.

* The store has a blue background with items including, demos, downloadable games and "view all." It also has a big graphic unit, and a couple of sidebars with the 'top downloads' and 'what's new' listed.

* Developers will be able to build the store directly into games.

* PSone games will be downloadable, such as Jet Moto, Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal, and MediEvil.

* It appears that purchases in the PlayStation Store will be made in real money rather than a points system like Marketplace.

* Purchase made in PlayStation Store to one PS3 can be then downloaded to up to five more PS3s.

* Downloadable games are expected to be priced at around $14.99 and under.

* The 'view all' option breaks content into categories including demos, game content, standard-definition trailers and high-definition trailers.

* Some demos and trailers will be free including MotorStorm from day of launch.

October 19, 2006