Sony changes London Underground signs and station names to celebrate PS5 UK launch

PS5 DualSense
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Update: It seems that, unsatisfied with stopping at changing signs around Oxford Circus, Sony have also renamed a few Underground stations after some PS5 games. First up is Ratchet and Clankaster Gate, a name that sure is a stretch to wrap my head around. Although, as the PlayStation UK Twitter account puts out below, it’s not quite a… rift apart.

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Other station names include Miles End in honor of Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West Ham, and Gran Turismo 7 Sisters. I’m definitely getting a chuckle out of the fact that some poor souls around London will have absolutely no idea what is going on with these renamed stations.

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Some phenomenal user suggestions I’ve seen going around Twitter today include God of War-ren Street and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordren. But nothing quite tops Knackton Town, for me.

Original: The PS5 launches tomorrow in the UK and Europe, and Sony is beginning the celebrations a day early by changing signs on the London Underground.

Below, you can see snapshots of four signs around the Oxford Circus Underground station in London, which is just down the road from Sony's PlayStation headquarters in London. Sony has altered the signs to represent the four long-standing face buttons on the DualSense controller, to mark the PS5 launching tomorrow. Check out our guide if you're still looking to buy a PS5 by the way.

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It's lovely little tribute to Sony's next-gen console making its way to Europe tomorrow on November 12. I'd be interested to know who Sony had to contact and convince in Transport For London to change the signs around Oxford Circus in time for the console's launch.

The PS5 might only be launching in the UK and Europe tomorrow, but by then it will have already been out for a week in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. If you're still trying to get your hands on Sony's next-gen console in North America, check out our complete PS5 deals page for more.

When the PS5 launches tomorrow in the UK, it'll be accompanied by the same launch lineup of games as in North America. There are the likes of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure rounding out the full PS5 launch games lineup.

If you want to hit the ground running tomorrow in Bluepoint's incredibly remake of the FromSoftware classic, head over to our Demon's Souls tips guide for some essential beginner information.

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