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Sonic 4: Episode 1 - YOUR questions answered

Zachary LaBrasseur: I really loved the 2D/3D switches in Unleashed, will those remain? Or will it all be 2D?
It's all 2D mate.

Philip Shaw: Hope they don't mess it up like past couple of games.
That's not a question, but yes, so does everyone.

Dean Milbanke: Will little animals pop out when you kill something?
Yes! Little blue rabbits and light blue Flickies! But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a squirrel.

Above: Bunnies pop out when you destroy a Badnik. Hooray!

Deanigo: Once you defeat Eggman at the end of a boss level on Sonic 4, do you get to jump on the thing that makes small animals come out?
As I say, we didn't get to see the boss level, but I'd put money on it being there, seeing as we have end of act spinners, Sonic 1's giant bonus stage warp ring and old-school Robotnik battles.

MisterJ_8181: Is there a chilli dog power up item? As there should be. ^_^
Not in the levels I saw mate. But he does love them so much.

dedtweet: Does Sonic handle the same as in Sonic 123? Also, spin dash?
Nope - doesn't look like it. And yes, spin dash is in.

Josh O'neil: Is the gameplay different?
Aside from the addition of a homing attack, no. It looks the same. The special stages, however are certainly different. Despite their Sonic 1 look, they're controlled ENTIRELY though tilt. Yup, Sixaxis and Wiimote users will be tilting the maze to let Sonic move through it like a marble. He cannot jump and you have to collect a set number of rings to unlock the next section of the maze before you reach the room with the emerald in it. It doesn't look like much fun, in truth, although the backgrounds look exactly like the view through a kaleidoscope.

Above: The lock-on feature lets you target enemies in the air

altitude2k: Will us Brits'll have to put up with the baddie being once again called Eggman, when Robotnik is what we know and love.
Yep, Eggman it is. Boo and, indeed, hiss.

SuicidalSteve: Would the chaos emerald hunting be spread across each episode or would every episode force you to collect 7 emeralds every time?
Interesting question... The act select screen features a little emerald beside it if you collected it, so assuming each of the four zones has three spinner-ended acts like Splash Hill, that would imply 12 opportunities to grab an emerald. It undoubtedly stops at 7... but then what will we do for Episode 2? I'd expect either Hyper Emeralds from Sonic 3 or for Knuckles to steal them, again like at the start of Sonic 3. In fact, that makes perfect sense with the character roster Iizuka-san was talking about. You heard it here first...

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