Songs From The Second Floor review

Filmed in muted colours with an almost entirely static camera, Songs From The Second Floor encourages you to consider each precisely constructed frame as if you were pondering an installation in an art gallery.

The phrase '"a genuine oddity"' is overused, but it can safely be applied to this puzzling example of Scandinavian surrealism. Director Roy Andersson, in his first feature for 25 years, has entirely dispensed with a conventional narrative in favour of a series of bizarre episodes that occur in an unnamed, traffic-snarled metropolis.

A magician makes a serious error as he attempts to saw a volunteer in half. A soot-covered man who has burnt down his store for the insurance money, visits his poet son in a mental hospital. A business corporation prepares to sacrifice a young girl in a religious ritual... God knows what it means, but at least it's thought provoking.

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