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Some FIFA 21 progress won't transfer from current to next-gen, here's why

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FIFA 21 will get a free next-gen upgrade, but not all of your progress will transfer over, EA has confirmed. 

As we previously reported, the Dual Entitlement program means your current-gen FIFA 21 will upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X for free, but only some of the progress you've made will go with it. As described on the FIFA 21 FAQ page, "All progress you make or content you acquire within FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (including players, items, coins, FIFA Points, match record, and leaderboard), as well as all progression in VOLTA FOOTBALL will transfer from PS4 to PS5 and back, or Xbox One to Xbox Series X and back." But, progress within all other modes (including Co-Op Seasons, Online Season, Career Modes, and Pro Clubs), will be specific to the console you're playing on. 

EA has spoken to Eurogamer (opens in new tab) about why that is. According to FIFA 21 executive producer Aaron McHardy: "When we start developing for a new generation of consoles, there's ultimately some trade-offs we need to make. So we decided that the time required to make all modes transferable was better used to build new features and improvements across the entire game, along with addressing feedback from our players. Since both Volta and FUT are server-based modes it made sense for us to focus on them as a way for players to carry over their progression."

The server-based mode argument makes sense, but what about Microsoft's Smart Delivery program, which has built-in cross-save functionality? Is there a reason FIFA 21 isn't using this feature? Makes no damn sense… compels me though. At the time of writing, EA hasn't confirmed why it isn't using this system. 

FIFA 21 releases on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch October 9. 

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Alyssa Mercante
Alyssa Mercante

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