Snakes, sinners and sighs

Trailers, eh? You wait a week for one and then loads show up at once. Sort of like buses, but without wheels and with stars a-plenty showing off their skills and subliminally urging you to watch their next film.

Needing no introduction is Snakes On A Plane, already steamrollering over everything else as Chatterboxed Cult Of The Year. This new trailer has some fresh footage, but let’s face it, with a title like Snakes On A Plane, it’s more of exactly what we expect: Samuel L Jackson getting rid of those reptiles who are swarming all over a passenger aircraft. Click here to watch the trailer.

Featuring 100% less snakes but a no less slithery and venomous character is Mini’s First Time. Lords Of Dogtown’s Nikki Reed plays a conniving, sexpot 18-year-old who delights in charming gullible blokes and tormenting her nagging mother (Carrie-Anne Moss). But she gets even worse after seducing stepfather Alec Baldwin and then suggesting that they team up to off mom… This one’s sleazy and slinky and can be checked out by clicking here .

Keeping on the sleazy track but ramping up the dialogue level, Edmond is the latest drama from the pen of David Mamet. It has all the hallmarks of a tour-de-force for regular Dave thesp, William H Macy, as an ordinary schlub who finds his life spinning down into a hell of crime, sex and murder. Speeches ahoy and a bevy of beauties including Denise Richards and Julia Stiles make this one worth glancing at. Click here .

Sex also features heavily in Steve Coogan’s latest attempt to be an American indie movie star, Lies & Alibis. He’s the boss of a company that helps bored marrieds cheat on their other halves and covers up the evidence. Unfortunately for Steve, a high-profile client (James Marsden) ends up killing one of his dates and soon Coogan’s wrapped up in a bloody scandal, with hit men and the police all after him. That’s available by clicking here .

Finally, if all that crime is too much for you, relax and drink in the emo-flavoured romantic charm of Zach Braff’s latest starring role, The Last Kiss. He’s a winsome bloke starting to worry about committing to his beautiful girlfriend who finds solace in the arms of… another beautiful woman. Some people just deserve a smack in the gob. Still, it’s got a great, Garden State-like soundtrack - apparently Braff, who didn’t write or direct this one, did consult on the music. Click here for the trailer.

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