Skyrim: Anniversary Edition bug fixes should arrive "early next week"

(Image credit: Bethesda, Arthmoor)

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is getting a fix for one of its most widespread bugs.

After the game's launch last week, players discovered a consistent 'black-screen bug. Initial reports suggested that the problem was linked specifically to those who had modded the game as a result of the speed at which the new game interacts with those files. As more players have made their way through the game, however, it seems that that might not be the case.

According to PC Gamer, the black-screen bug is now starting to affect players who haven't modded the game, and is showing up with particular prevalence after completion of the Civil War questline. Elsewhere, PS4 players say an old bug linked to Creation Club content has returned, telling them to make space for "0kb on the system storage" in order to play the game.

Thankfully, Bethesda is aware of both of these problems and is working on solutions. Over on Discord, the developer told players that "we are aware of the 0kb error some PS4 players are experiencing as well as the 'black screen' issue. The team has been working on a fix for these (it's taking a little longer than we'd like) and hopes to have them resolved as soon as we can." That fix is on the way, then, and will hopefully be ready for release "early next week."

On PC, players are modding their own makeshift solutions, but if you're playing on PS4, hopefully you'll be able to play again soon. If you've not yet encountered the issues, it might be worth either avoiding the Creation Club content or putting off the Civil War line, but given how big Skyrim is, that latter tip should be pretty easy to pull off.

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