Skylanders: Swap Force soul gem locations guide

Rampant Ruins

Soul Gem (1/2): Roller Brawl

After opening the gate in Western Watch, make an immediate left. Along this detour is a bounce pad that takes you to a ledge where the Soul Gem rests.

Soul Gem (2/2): Star Strike

In Monkey Monk's Path, you'll pass a walkway with many spikes. Make a U-turn on the other side and hop across the raised stones to reach the Soul Gem you spotted earlier.

Iron Jaw Gulch

Soul Gem (1/3): Wind-Up

After crossing the first bridge into Iron Jaw Gulch proper, drop off the ledge to the right. There are some rooftops behind the cactus here that lead to a Soul Gem.

Soul Gem (2/3): Grim Creeper

After retrieving the second crank and crossing the bridge to Sun Smoked Strand, you'll approach a Swap Zone. Drop off the left ledge and follow the path to some bounce pads that will take you to a rooftop where the Soul Gem is hiding.

Soul Gem (3/3): Grilla Drilla

When you enter Okey-Dokey Corral, take out the Chompy Pod to reveal a bounce pad. Bounce to the roof and destroy the wooden water tower to obtain this.


Soul Gem (1/3): Boom Jet

Before grinding the mine cart rails after Baron Von Shellshock, hop to the ledge to the north. Use to scale crates to the left and reach a Soul Gem.

Soul Gem (2/3): Night Shift

After moving past the swinging crane hooks in Soggy Fields, hop across the goop via the tires. From here, you can jump from the wooden ledge onto a mesa, then onto an outcropping where you'll find another Soul Gem.

Soul Gem (3/3): Scorp

When crossing the Stack O' Trains, look to your right for a ledge you can reach. Hop to it to find this along the short path.

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