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Sin City 2 update

Rosario Dawson has gone on record stating that Sin City 2 is written and ready to shoot this April.

Dawson’s comments to IESB come after months of rumour and speculation, with little official confirmation from the first movie’s directing team, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.

And while the pair still haven’t made any official announcements, Dawson’s remarks that she’s ready to reprise her role as Gail lend some heavy credence to the idea.

No Rourke?

Still, even if the movie does actually start cranking its cameras, it may well have to do without one of the iconic characters – Mickey Rourke’s violent vigilante Marv.

Talking to Coming Soon, Rourke says that he’s not ready to return: “No, I'm not interested in that right now. That's not a reality right now. It's pissing in the wind. There are different factions going different directions there. I don't know. That's three hours of make up and I'm claustrophobic, so I'm going to have to work something out."

So who’s right? While Marv is a crucial element in many Sin City tales, it’s possible to write a film – likely taken from stories that happen prior to the events of the original – without including him. It’s a waiting game, people.

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Question: Do you want to watch a Sin City without Mickey Rourke’s Marv?