The Sims 3 World Adventures Al Simhara guide

Trapped at Home

The Rashid family wants you to disarm the traps in their basement.

Rashid House

Find their house on the map and head over. The stairs to the basement are actually outside in the patio area, so once you’ve been invited inside you can head down. The first fire traps can be disabled by inspecting the hole in the wall in front of you; enter the door behind the traps. Clear the piles of rubble in the room here, and inspect the three holes underneath to disable all of the room’s traps. Collect the treasure and the star key, and then use the keystone.

Inspect the hole in front of you in this room to reveal another trap, and then use “attempt to cross” on the first fire trap on the right. There’s a hole in the wall between traps that can be used to disarm the traps on this side of the room. Clear the rubble and collect the loot and Lodestone key. Use “attempt to cross” on the other side to hit the other hole in the wall and disable the rest of the traps in this room, then back out to the room with all the locked doors and use your new keystone. Go through the door.

There’s a wall trap to the right, which you can disarm manually, and then inspect the hole to disable another wall trap. Make your way through this room, inspecting holes and disarming traps as you go, until you get to the small room with the lamps on the floor. From there, head to the attached room, and inspect the red floor tiles to find hidden traps; use “attempt to cross” to make your way through, which will also disable the traps. Head into the smaller room with the treasure chest and loot it. Congratulations, you’ve completely disabled this basement of horrors. Report in for your reward and to finish the adventure.

Tomb Tours

The Al Simhara Cartographers’ Union wants you to visit a few tombs around Egypt. Visit the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, the Ruins of Karnak, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Pyramid of the Wind—in that order. While this is a bit time-consuming because of all the running around you have to do, it’s also a very easy way to earn some Visa Points and Ancient Coins, since all you have to do is find each on your map, go there, and immediately move on to the next one. When you’re finished, report in and you’ll be rewarded.

In Search of My Sought Treasure

Tahiya Shalut has lost her Statue of Forgetfulness and wants you to retrieve it. Head to the Pyramid of the Burning Sands.

Tomb of the Burning Sands

If you’ve already done the lengthy “Business Abroad” mission, this pyramid will be familiar to you, but this time when you enter, go straight ahead. Clear the rubble and look inside the tombs; one will have a crescent keystone. Pull the statue onto the panel to reveal a small treasure room, loot it, and back out. Inspect the hole in the wall in one corner and go down the stairs. Loot the treasure chest for another crescent stone and use one of the keys to unlock the door. If you have the Axe of Pangu from China, smash the boulder for more treasure. Then explore the dive well, which will open a wall behind you and let you avoid a hidden trap. Go through the door.

The statue is in one of the treasure chests in this room; grab it, and take the rest of the loot, too. Opening the treasure boxes will reveal a secret door at the other side of the hallway. Quickly go through it while avoiding the mummy from the tomb. Clear the rubble for some Ancient Coins, go through the door, ascend the stairs, and step on the panel to open up a shortcut. Exit the tomb and report back to Tahiya.

The Society’s Lost and… Found?

The Al Simhara Historical Society has lost the Chilldean Insanity Relic.

Copper Quarry

Find the copper quarry on your map (marked with a star) and when you get there, descend the visible staircase. The room is full of piles of rubble, so start by destroying all of them and collecting the treasure underneath. Inspect a hole in a structure in the middle of the room, which unlocks a door next to it. Go in and walk down the stairs. You’ll see the glowing treasure chest across the room, which holds the insanity relic. Grab it and deliver it to Sekhmet Hawas to finish the adventure.

Nefarious Intentions

MorcuCorp is looking for adventurers. Report to Farouk Rashid. He needs copper to bribe people, so find five pieces on your map, collect them, and deliver them to Farouk. He’ll give you a package to deliver to Uum Moussa, so talk to her next.

Your next step is to infiltrate the secret base of the MorcuCorp opposition and hack their computer. The base is in the Lufti house, so visit them and get invited inside.

MorcuCorp Opposition Base

There’s no sign of a secret base, but if you use the toilet, you’ll trigger a staircase in the bedroom, as well as discover a sequence of numbers: 2341. Go downstairs and you’ll find four floor panels; remember the numbers to figure out which order to step on them. This will disable the security doors ahead and allow you to go down to the next floor.

Down here, you’ll find even more panels. Hit panels 1-5-6 in order as seen below. If you mess up, you can reset the security walls by stepping on the panel in the back right corner.

Go down the stairs. More security doors and foot panels! This time, stand on panels 2, 4, 7, and 8 in that order to clear the way. Walk down yet another flight of stairs, and you’ll see the computer at the end of the large office. Click on it to hack it. You can also grab the loot from the treasure chests in this room. Report back to Farouk. He now wants you to convince five locals that the resistance is evil (quite the conflict of interest if you’ve already been a part of the MorcuCorp resistance in “Business Abroad”). Find five local Sims that you’re friendly with and chat them up until you can convince them, then report back to Farouk. He wants you to convince the relic merchant in town to accept a MorcuCorp contract, so befriend him until he’ll accept.

Naturally, it won’t be that easy; the merchant wants three pieces of turquoise. Go into Map View to find them, collect them, and deliver them to the merchant. The contract with MorcuCorp is go, and you can report back to Farouk to complete the mission.

Oh Where is My Lost Treasure?

Dalida Balikat has lost the Unlucky Relic of King Hoojib.

Al Simhara Marketplace

The tomb is actually located beneath the marketplace; switch the view down a level, and you’ll be able to find the staircase that leads there, which is in a small building with a pile of wood. Head down. Walk through the hall and descend the next flight of stairs. You’ll see the glowing treasure chest on this floor. Loot it and return the relic to Dalida for your reward.

By now you should have earned more than enough Visa Points to reach Visa Level 3 in Al Simhara. Buy yourself a vacation home with some of the simoleans from the treasures you’ve been collecting, and enjoy the rest of your trip—you’ve earned it!

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