The Simpsons '80s couch gag is a loose cannon cop, but its the best one weve got

The Simpsons returns to its original decade in the couch gag for its upcoming episode, "Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles." But instead of rolling back to that super-sketchy, post Tracey Ullman Show animation, it casts Homer Simpson as a loose-cannon cop who fights crime atop (also beside, but mostly atop) his robotic couch buddy. "La-Z Rider" is clearly a fugitive from the same alternate '80s reality as Kung Fury, with all the tape wear marks to prove it.

Ned Flanders as merciless drug lord Fernando Whitmore is easily the best part, though.

The actual episode follows a prematurely maturing Bart, who enters into an uncomfortable love triangle with his new teacher (voiced by Sofia Vergara) and Principal Skinner after drinking too much growth-hormone laced milk. You can catch it this Sunday at 8 PM EST, though I would be pretty surprised if the rest of the episode manages to top that intro.

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Connor Sheridan

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