Simon Pegg teases Ant-Man on Twitter

Simon Pegg has been teasing Marvel fans on Twitter after posting a photo of himself pointing to an illustration of Ant-Man.

Though the intentions behind the photo seem innocent enough, certain film fans took it as a rather unsubtle hint that Pegg would in fact be playing Ant-Man in buddy Edgar Wright's in-production comic adaptation.

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After the pic was met with, well, a lot of interest, Pegg attempted to backtrack by Tweeting the following…

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Which seems to clear things up, unless Pegg's being clever and double bluffing in order to keep everybody on their toes. But then again, he also tweeted photos of himself with Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and a statue of The Hulk, and we presume he's not looking to put Chris Hemsworth or Mark Ruffalo out of a job...

Edgar Wright's currently working on the live-action version of Ant-Man, which will follow biophysicist Dr Henry Pym, who creates a formula that turns him into a superhero.

Ant-Man is set to open in cinemas on 6 November 2015.

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