Silksong was meant to be playable by now, and Hollow Knight fans aren't taking that well

Hollow Knight
(Image credit: Team Cherry)

An Xbox tweet about Hollow Knight Silksong from last year has not aged well in the slightest, and fans aren't having a good time because of it.

You might recall that last year in June 2022, around the typical E3 season, an Xbox showcase debuted new Hollow Knight Silksong footage, much to the joy of fans. Xbox then proclaimed every game in the showcase, including Silksong, would be playable within the next 12 months, which was then only backed up by the official Xbox Twitter account hours later in the reassuring tweet below.

We're obviously one year removed from that Xbox presentation, and where is Hollow Knight Silksong? Nowhere to be seen, that's where. Not only has that Xbox pledge fallen flat, but developer Team Cherry hasn't debuted any new footage of Silksong since then, leaving fans high and dry after that trailer in June 2022 for a year at this point.

This has got the Hollow Knight faithful acting just as you'd expect. Fans are mourning the broken promise from Xbox, and the lack of a playable build of Silksong one year after the initial proclamation, taking to Twitter with their Neon Genesis Evangelion-era depression memes and more tired tweets.

It's worth remembering that Hollow Knight Silksong was delayed back in May, with Team Cherry pushing it out of its original launch window of the first half of 2023. So it's actually important to remember that, as of just two months or so ago, Xbox's original pledge about Silksong actually remained intact. Not that that's going to help dull the pain for Silksong fans, mind you.

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