Silent Hill 2 Remake studio pushes back against reports that it's ready for release, blames "inaccurate translations"

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Silent Hill 2 Remake studio Bloober Team has issued a statement rebutting recent reports stemming from comments made by its CEO, Piotr Babieno.

Last week, Polish gaming publication Bankier published an interview where Babieno appeared to say, via Google Translate, mind, that the Silent Hill 2 remake was "technically ready" but not completely finished. Babieno added that development was "close" to being complete and admitted that the final release would ultimately be decided by publisher Konami.

Well, Bloober Team has since issued a statement suggesting the game isn't quite as close to the finish line as one might assume from reports. "As the Bloober Team, we don't comment on rumors. However, this time we need to take the floor, as some recent statements have been taken out of context, due to inaccurate translations," the statement reads.

"It is also not true that we have announced that Silent Hill 2 is ready for release. Regardless of the development stage, all of our activities are focused on obtaining the highest quality for the finished product - the quality that fans of Silent Hill 2 deserve."

The statement continues: "We are aware that players are waiting for more information about Silent Hill 2. As soon as such information becomes available, we are sure that Konami, the publisher for the game, will share it with fans."

Now, to clarify up front: I have no inside knowledge of Bloober Team nor Konami's release plans for Silent Hill 2 Remake, but what this sounds like to me is a publisher-requested walkback. Essentially, I wouldn't be surprised if the Silent Hill 2 remake really was close to being done but Konami felt like Babieno's comments, along with the ensuing reports from yours truly and several other publications, were stepping on its PR department's toes. 

Again, this is all just conjecture, but it's important to clarify that Bloober Team's statement doesn't specifically refute the meat of the reporting indicating the remake is close to completion; it just says the studio hasn't announced anything. I've reached out to Bloober Team for comment and will update this report if I hear back.

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