Silent Hill 2 remake screenshots have reportedly leaked online but not everyone's convinced they're real

Silent Hill 2
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New images purportedly taken from an unannounced Silent Hill 2 remake have popped up on Twitter.

While no new Silent Hill games have even been confirmed yet, let alone a remake of the series' fan-favorite second installment, the source says they've been taken from the remake that's rumored to be in development at Bloober Team.

As more news trickled out over the weekend, it looks as though the images have been taken from a slide allegedly taken from an internal PlayStation document… although there's absolutely no evidence to back this up. Furthermore, industry insiders who've previously worked with Sony first-party developers say the slide doesn't look authentic, which casts doubt on the veracity of the images. Curiouser and curiouser, eh?

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As for what the images themselves show? Small and super blurry, they're pretty difficult to interpret. Some on the Silent Hill Reddit community think they look like they could be from The Last of Us Part 1, whilst others think it could be a fan-made game. 

I think the last of the three does, admittedly, look a little like Silent Hill 2 - it seems to match a particular point in Brookhaven Hospital where a nurse jumpscares you by an elevator. But with so many fakes and unfounded speculation about the series, it's very hard to be sure of anything right now! Confused? Aren't we all! It's a good time to be a Silent Hill fan, though; rumors or not, it's great to see so many people interested in the incredible horror series. 

Konami revealed earlier this week that it has plans to unveil a new game in a "world-loved series" at Tokyo Game Show. Its schedule includes one standout event on September 16, during which Konami says it will stage a "new title announcement".

Whilst Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill fans may be excited – a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is alleged to be in development along with "multiple" alleged Silent Hill projects in the works – Konami stopped short of revealing what the game may be, and rumor has it, it won't be about these three franchises.

Though we can only take the news with a giant bucket of salt for now, rumor has it Konami has not one but three Silent Hill games in development; a new instalment of the mainline series, a Silent Hill 2 remake – thought to be in development at Bloober Team – and an episodic adventure via Annapurna Interactive. Oh, and Konami recently updated the Silent Hill trademark to include a virtual reality component, too.

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