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Shadow Mode DLC offers bold new ways to get your ass kicked in Marvel vs Capcom 3

We already know that Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine will be available as Day 1 DLC for purchasers of the game’s special edition, but Capcom’s unveiled details onnew MvC3 downloadable enhancements andthey're actually a bit cooler than a new licensed character.

Obviously, online play has created an entirely new level of top-tier brawls, but for those seeking out that extra bit of challenge, look no further than the new Shadow Mode DLC. In the first in a series of downloadable packs, players will be able to compete against “custom-built computer opponents” based offmembers of the dev team, and potentially, other pros in the future. The inaugural DLC pack will feature teams with player AI based on the personalities of the game’s producer, Ryota Niitsuma, MvC3’s assistant producer, as well as its QA lead.

The ability to play against an interactive “Ghost” character, tailored specifically to the style of select celebrity punching bags, is an extremely interesting prospect indeed. Players could cue up any number of wish-fulfilling match-ups – like say, against Diago, Seth Killian, or Brett Elston – and technically, none of the participants even need to be alive! My personal dream Marvel vs. Capcom 3 bout? Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid:

Above: FIGHT!

Wish I knew more about it, but I’ve had to spend most of my time editing “Shadow Broker DLC” out of this article because my mind is slowly losing a battle with my rapidly aging body. However, the Shadow DLC news also comes hot on the heels ofIGN’s exclusive Marvel vs Capcom 3 reveal (opens in new tab). GODAMNED GALACTUS!

Click over to IGN (opens in new tab)to see more on the “biggest” boss reveal in the fighting genre’s history *har har* Oh, and be sure tohead here (opens in new tab)for a closerlook at the new MvC3 Fightstick.

Feb 7, 2011