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The truth is out there? Listen, conspiracy nuts - you're looking in totally the wrong direction. The truth is in here - encased between the pages of the latest issue of Earth's greatest science fiction magazine. We shine a flashlight into the misty darkness surrounding the return of The X-Files to TV and take a peek at the future of the X-Men movies. Plus zombiefied spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead, The Strain season two, Brian Aldiss, 20 years of Star Trek: Voyager and so much more... It's the kind of head-melting, mind-warping excitement that's made us illegal in nine star systems!

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Enter the news dimension as Red Alert brings you the latest word on Continuum, Zoo and Kieron Gillen's Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl. Plus we talk to Agent Carter herself, Hayley Atwell!


We decode some some encrypted FBI files to bring you the lowdown on Mulder and Scully's long-awaited return to TV. Plus we chat exclusively to David Duchovny. Spooky.


Ahead of the publication of his final Discworld novel in September, we celebrate the incomparable, much-missed author with a free supplement dedicated to his books.


Simon Pegg. Monty Python. Aliens. Superpowers. A talking dog. Place these ingredients in the cosmic blender. Step back. Admire the strange beauty of this new sci-fi comedy. Just don't eat it.


Stand by for mutation! We preview the epic X-Men: Apocalypse and glimpse what's in store for the cinematic X-Universe, from Deadpool to Gambit and Beyond!


From Dracula to Lord Summerisle, Scaramanga to Saruman, SFX celebrates the life and legacy of the late screen legend.


Ant-Man! Inside Out! Insurgent! Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell! Secret Wars! Prepare for some hard but fair marking! And Terminator Genisys – sort out your spelling. It's shocking.

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Want to see more? Check out this special sampler of SFX 264!

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