SFX 238 Preview: Joss Whedon On SHIELD

Issue 238 of SFX goes on sale tomorrow, featuring 2013 Hot 50 of the most important current and up-and-coming movers and shakers in sci-fi. Someone who has made the Hot 50 (though we’re not telling you where he comes) is Joss Whedon , and to celebrate that fact, we have an interview with him.

Here’s an extract from that interview in which he answers the question: could Easter eggs for Avengers: Age Of Ultron find their way into Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD ? Or could some of the SHIELD cast cameo in Avengers 2 ?

“It’s something we talk about. We’re very careful of working within the mythology and timeline of the movies. We hope to be able to tweak a little and add a little something and throw in some eggs. It’s not the mission statement obviously. We want people to be able to go to SHIELD who have never watched the movies. We want people to just fall in love with this crew. The actors are extraordinary so I think it’s a very strong possibility. And then if we are able to work that in, that’s terrific. But so many things are constantly shifting that if we made that our only goal, not only would we fail the audience as storytellers, but at some point it would come back to bite us. ‘Oh, they moved the release date. So that thing you were gonna do in an episode, now you can’t.’”

SFX 238 – On sale Wednesday 24 July

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