Sexy new Watchmen posters are online

Three new posters for the upcoming Watchmen adaptation have arrived.

First up – and definitely the most important on a purely hormonal level for us – is a striking new image of Malin Akerman as Sally Jupiter, also known as Silk Spectre II.

MTV has the image, which you can also find in our gallery above and also briefly talked to the actress about the form-fitting outfit.

It was really interesting,” Ackerman says. “You know, latex sticks to your body, it sticks like a glove. The funny thing about it is because the costume was so revealing and so form fitting; we went through a few fittings just trying to get bubbles out. We had a professional that works with latex all the time trying to help us out. It was an interesting process and the outcome was beautiful but uncomfortable.”

Dr Manhattan

Secondly, we have Dr Manhattan (Billy Crudup) attending a funeral in one of the book (and the movie)’s pivotal plot points. For once, the blue-tinged superman is fully clothed, while Adrien Veidt (Matthew Goode) and Dan Dreiberg (Patrick Wilson) are pictured behind him. EW has the image.

Finally, there's the LA Times , which boasts a shot of Edward Blake in action as The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

There seems to be no end to the Watchmen marketing blitz now the film is only three (long) months away. We just want to know where we can get the Silk Spectre poster for our wall right now.

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