Seth Rogen chats Zack And Miri's rating issues

Anyone who has seen This Film Is Not Yet Rated knows that the US ratings board the MPAA is a shadowy cabal of worried parents and moral crusaders aiming to wipe the sexy filth from the squealing baby face of Hollywood. While, er, letting most movies be as violent as they like.

The latest movie that appears to be having problems getting anything past the board is Zack And Miri Make A Porno, the new Kevin Smith flick that stars Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks as two platonic chums who fall in love while, er, making a porno.

Talking to MTV , Rogen admitted he was ever astonished that the board will happily hand down an R rating to the likes of Hostel while condemning Zack And Miri to the cinema-limiting NC-17. Come on, people: where’s the love for some lovin’?

While Smith himself hasn’t commented yet, he has been dropping hints on his blog about problems with the MPAA, most recently with the Internet teaser for the film, which has been unceremoniously yanked as it was shoved online without their approval. Here’s hoping it gets sorted soon…

Source: ( MTV )