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Rocksteady might not be done with Batman

Batman Arkham Knight was meant to be Rocksteady's goodbye to the caped crusader, a final farewell that waved the dark knight off into the sunset in his not inconspicuous favourite vehicle. Well officially that's still the case but in the below official video from Batman Insider, creative director Sefton Hill is kind of suggesting otherwise.

When asked if this is categorically the end of Batman for Rocksteady, Hill says "well" and there's a perfectly placed cut to no signal before the interview is continued. Head to 9:10 for the suspicious activity.

Well, I say no signal but check out this still below which flickers up for a fraction of a second. Whether Hill's teasing more DLC or something else entirely who knows.

There's also some nice info about the upcoming Season of Infamy DLC and a look at the new 2008 Dark Knight Batsuit which has taken 16-18 weeks to get just right. Here's hoping the new downloads available on the 22nd make up for the past lukewarm DLC. Also, I've not been practicing that hand bat symbol thing from the end of the video. Nope, not me.

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