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See GTA Liberty City Stories in action

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories trailer (WMV, 7.87MB)

Friday 2 June 2006
Further to our hands-on preview of the PS2 version Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, we've just got hold of a new trailer of the game to share with you as well.

It sees our 'hero' Toni Cipriani demonstrate his unique method of earning respect and making a name for himself on the streets, which usually involves liberal use of an automatic weapon while wearing a sharp suit.

Those who have played the PSP version should be able to see from the trailer that Rockstar isn't lying when it says this is exactly the same game as the handheld version, just a with a few graphical tweaks to make it more suitable for viewing on the big screen.

Liberty City Stories will be released for PlayStation 2 on 23 June at the bargain price of £19.99. The PSP version is out now.