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See 28 Incredible New Transformers 2 Toys

Some incredible Transformers 2 toys have landed online. You can see them by going to the gallery to your right, or by clicking through our feature.

We can't wait 'til we have some of them in our grubby paws, so we can spend about forty-five minutes working out how to transform them because we're not 12.

Scroll down and click-through for all the pictures, but don't try to work out the physics of the things. Your brain will transform into a wobbly confused blob of silly.

1. Devastator (Robot)


2. Mudflap (Robot)

3. Mudflap (Vehicle)


4. Demolishor (Robot)

5. Demolishor (Vehicle)


6. Optimus Prime Leader (Robot)

7. Optimus Prime Leader (Vehicle)


8. Ironhhide (Robot)

9. Devastator Showdown Vehicle Playset


10. Rampage (Robot)

11. Rampage (Vehicle)


12. Ratchet

13. Sideswipe (Robot)


14. Sideswipe (Vehicle)

15. Skids (Robot )


16. Skids (Vehicle)

17. Starscream (Robot)


18. Starscream (Robot)

19. Starscream (Vehicle)


20. Bumblebee (Robot)

21. Bumblebee (Vehicle)


22. Scavenger (Vehicle)

23. Scrapper (Vehicle)


24. Hightower (Vehicle)

25. Long Haul (Vehicle)


26. Mixmaster (Vehicle)

27. Breakaway (Robot)


28. Breakaway (Vehicle)