Secret Xbox 360 games

Hitman 5

Developers IO have only twice strayed from the series that made their name. Once for Xbox squad shooter Freedom Fighters, and now with Kane & Lynch - and both times the reception has been a little… disappointing. Freedom Fighters scored well, but failed to sell; and Kane & Lynch… well,look what happened there. Neither has met (or is likely to meet) the critical and commercial success of Hitman - a multi-million-shifting franchise that’s so big it’s even sprouted wings and crash-landed in Hollywood.

It’s little wonder, then, that after dishing out a couple of dreary Dead Men, IO are heading back to the security of Codename 47 for their next party trick. Already in development for a year and a half, Hitman 5 is exciting for two reasons: 1) it’ll be the first time the squeaky-headed murder-maker has been developed specifically for next gen; and 2) the switch of generations marks a real opportunity for IO to advance a blueprint that, while still beautifully structured and remarkably clever, is undeniably starting to show its age.