Secret Ubisoft games revealed

Thursday 21 September 2006
Far Cry 2, a next-gen Prince of Persia game, Splinter Cell 5: Conviction and a Far Cry PSP title have all been accidentally revealed this morning in a spectacular gaff by Ubisoft. A giant batch of images was downloaded from Ubisoft's own network, containing revealing artwork and images from a slew of unannounced games.

The secret shots also shed light on other games we already knew about, like Assassin's Creed. One screenshot taken from the medieval murder game shows a pause screen that reads: "Memory Paused" and features a stream of confusing numbers and chemical patterns, appearing to confirm our theories behind the game's mysteriously futuristic plot.

Here's an info burst on all we've uncovered from the leaked files:

Splinter Cell Conviction has been revealed as the title for Sam Fisher's next adventure, with images suggesting part of the action takes place in Washington D.C. and other urban environments.

Artwork for a new Prince of Persia game points toward a new set of characters, with a colourfully dressed hero sporting a weird gauntlet and mystical looking lass who seems to have magical powers.

There's a huge amount of art for Far Cry 2, revealing the game's desert and jungle locations, as well as a host of 'buddies' characters that suggest some squad dynamics to the action. One shot also illustrates the game's 'weapon deformation' system that would appear to model wear-and-tear - like rust effects - on your arsenal as you play the game.

Then there's the first image of Far Cry Wii - which looks sharper and nicer than we expected - and a promo image for Far Cry PSP, which uses similar art to that for Far Cry 2, suggesting the handheld version won't be a version of Crytek's original Far Cry game.

Ubisoft also look to be developing a great looking cartoon-style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for GBA, a Rocky boxing game for PSP and a game called Surf's Up featuring surfboarding penguins.

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