Secret Invasion has Marvel's second-lowest premiere viewing figures

Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The viewing figures are in for the first episode of Secret Invasion – and the new Marvel show isn't soaring to new heights on Disney Plus

According to Samba TV, 994,000 US households tuned into episode 1 of the Samuel L. Jackson-led series, which dropped on June 21, during its first five days on the streamer. This is the second-lowest figure of any Marvel show – only Ms. Marvel comes in behind it, with 775,000 households tuning into Kamala Khan's exploits when it first premiered in June 2022.

By contrast, the premiere of She-Hulk, the most recent MCU show before Secret Invasion, had 1.5 million viewers, and the first episodes of Loki and Moon Knight had 2.5 million and 1.8 million viewers respectively.

Secret Invasion sees Jackson return as Nick Fury, along with some other familiar faces, like Ben Mendelsohn's Talos, as well as new characters played by the likes of Olivia Colman, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Emilia Clarke.

After the destruction of their home planet, the shapeshifting race known as Skrulls is looking for a new place to settle. A group of renegade Skrulls, led by Gravik (Ben-Adir), have set up camp on Earth and are on a mission to take over by impersonating human world leaders – and Fury, Talos, and co. are trying their hardest to put an end to it. 

New episodes of Secret Invasion are released every Wednesday on Disney Plus. For more viewing inspiration, fill out your watch list with our picks of the best new TV shows coming our way in 2023 and beyond. 

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