Second Star Wars Anthology film will tell Boba Fetts origin story

Star Wars Day might have been and gone once more, but the news from the galaxy far, far away continues to come thick and fast, with The Wrap reporting that the second Star Wars Anthology film will revolve around fan favourite Boba Fett.

It had previously been rumoured that the legendary bounty hunter would be getting his own spin-off, and now The Wrap reports that said rumours are true, albeit without any official confirmation from Disney. No further details are supplied regarding the finer points of the plot, save for the fact that the film will deal with the character’s origin story.

The news comes in the wake of Josh Trank’s departure from the project at the end of last week. The director issued an official statement saying he was sorry to be leaving the production, but had been tempted away by the opportunity to pursue more personal projects.

The film will follow Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One, the first in the Anthology series, which will tell the story of a band of resistance fighters plotting to steal the plans for the Death Star. That film will arrive in 2016, with the Boba Fett spin-off coming two years later.

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