Season Of The Witch gets a second trailer

Season Of The Witch

Nic Cage’s medieval actioner Season Of The Witch has had a new trailer released online.

It comes almost a whole year after the film’s first trailer debuted, before the film disappeared into obscurity, switching studio hands and having its release date bashed about.

Cage stars with Ron Perlman as a crusader and his friend, who return home weary from battle, only to find their homes have been destroyed by an outbreak of the Plague.

When a girl is held accountable for the misfortune, the two friends must transport her to a monastery for monks to lift her curse.

Check the trailer out below…

Ah, we do love a good medieval romp that has a trailer with a banging rock soundtrack.

Really, the signs aren’t particularly good for Cage’s troubled movie, with this new trailer attempting to paint the film as a giant period epic.

Will Season Of The Witch , now shunted to a January release date, blemish Cage's immaculate 2010 output? After Kick-Ass and the brilliantly nuts Bad Lieutenant , fingers crossed he keeps up the good work.

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