Sea of Thieves seeks to spotlight Legendary players in January update

Sea of Thieves' January update is called Legends of the Sea, and it rewards seafarers with commendations and tattoos for finding Easter eggs saluting Legendary players.

Rare has been honoring players who commit extraordinary acts in Sea of Thieves, whether incidentally or deliberately, since the game's early alpha days. There's a brass plaque embossed with a player's username in Plunder Outpost's Drowned Rat Tavern, which pays tribute to the legendary amount of grog the player downed in one play session. Another player had their Gamertag, dog, and concertina printed onto a signpost in Mermaid's Hideaway simply for "being a great community member." You check out the full list of Easter eggs and their locations at the Sea of Thieves wiki.

The update will add a new inked-up NPC named Umbra, who you'll need to talk to in order to acquire tasks that reward you for finding hidden tributes to Legendary pirates. Apparently, Rare didn't feel their honorary recipients were seeing the attention they deserve.

The Legends of the Sea update hits Sea of Thieves on Wednesday, January 15, and introduces a few quality of life updates. The Crossplay preference feature is coming to Adventure mode, which allows console players to choose to only play with other console players. Over in Arena mode, the update makes doomed ships sink faster and fixes an issue where players spawn inside storms.

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate says that's not all that's coming to Sea of Thieves in the January update, promising to divulge more in a new trailer coming next week.

We named Sea of Thieves one of the best multiplayer games around for its boundless sense of adventure and wonder.

Jordan Gerblick

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