Say hello to Negan and Lucille in The Walking Dead finale teaser

Spoilers ahead for season six of The Walking Dead

The moment of truth is almost here for The Walking Dead fans. In just over a week, we'll finally meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan's comic book baddie, Negan. Months of teasers and casual name drops in recent episodes have prepped us for his arrival, and we've now got our first look at the Saviors leader - and his weapon of choice - in a new international promo. Check it out below:

Simply hearing the words "Hello, I'm Negan," is terrifying enough, especially accompanied with a look at his infamous barbed-wire-bat Lucille. His introduction will stick closely to the comics, meaning a member of Rick's gang is going to get up close and personal with that lethal weapon. But, according to executive producer and comic creator Robert Kirkman, the show plans to switch things around. If you've read that fateful issue #100 then you'll be in for a surprise:

"All I want to say is, read the comic, but you’re not going to know what to expect," he tells EW. "Part of the reason that that moment was such a big deal in the comic is the fact that you did not expect that it was going to happen, and so we’re very confident that we found a way to keep it as unexpected in the show as it was in the comic. So it should be just as intense, just as heartbreaking, and just as shocking."

Yikes. Going on that alone, it seems like whoever it is that Negan picks to 'make an example of' will be a part of the main surviving cast. But it probably won't be the same person from the comics.That leaves Rick, Maggie, Michonne, Daryl or Carol for the chopping block. There's a chance we won't even find out the truth at the climax of the extended season six finale. Based on recent rumors, the last shot of the episode will be from the point-of-view of his victim, leaving us with one hell of a cliffhanger until season seven starts later this year.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC. The feature-length finale "The Last Day On Earth" will be broadcast on April 3.

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