Save $20 on ThrustMaster wheel and pedal sets for PS5 and Xbox Series X

ThrustMaster T150

If you have any love in your heart for racing games, make this the console generation that you finally get a proper racing wheel and pedal setup - and do it while you can get some clutch savings on a lovely new kit for PlayStation or Xbox. Get it, clutch? Sorry. Anyway, Dell is currently offering discounts of $20 on ThrustMaster Force Feedback wheel and pedal sets that are compatible with both PS5 and Xbox Series X

Both wheel sets offer force feedback, letting you feel the resistance of the wheel as you punch through bends, or if you play racing games like me, plow repeatedly into the side barriers. They each come with pedals to complete your racing setup. They're equally suited for racing enthusiasts as they are for newcomers to the genre who are interested in a more precise, authentic experience.

Even if you're still just trying to figure out how to buy a PS5 or buy an Xbox Series X, you'll still be able to enjoy both wheel sets on your current generation consoles in the meantime.

Thrustmaster deals


ThrustMaster T150 wheel and pedal set (PS3, PS4, PS5) | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$199.99 $179.99 at Dell (save $20)
This 11" racing wheel and pedal set is a perfect fit for your PS5, but it will also upgrade your racing setup for both PS3 and PS4. As more niche hardware they don't typically get huge discounts, so make sure you grab this $20 off deal while you can.


ThrustMaster TMX wheel and pedal set (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S) | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$199.99 $179.99 at Dell (save $20)
If you're in the Xbox camp, you can get an equally good deal on this setup that has the added bonus of working with your PC as well. You can't beat the support across generations, and you can't beat a nice $20 saving off the sticker price.

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