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Save $15 on building a custom Xbox One controller from now through April 17

If you ever wanted to buy a custom Xbox One controller but balked at the price (or maybe you just really want a second one) your time has come. Microsoft is offering a $15 discount on its custom controller creation service from now through April 17, bringing the standard price down to $64.99. That's only $5 more than a regular controller! Unfortunately, the service is still only available in North America for now.

Xbox Design Lab lets you choose from an impressive selection of colors for almost every part of the Xbox One controller. Want pink thumbsticks, blue bumpers, and a lime green D-Pad? Go to town. There are even four different options for the dang "View" and "Menu" buttons. Oh, and if you're worried about making the jump to Xbox Scorpio, don't be. Microsoft says all current Xbox One accessories will work with the new system, so go ahead and start designing your new controller army now.

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