Neil Gaiman wants to do a Constantine spin-off according to Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine in The Sandman
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Jenna Coleman is keen on doing a Sandman spin-off starring her Johanna Constantine character – and creator Neil Gaiman is apparently on board.

When asked if she's heard about the fans calling for a Constantine spin-off, Coleman told The Hollywood Reporter that Gaiman himself is among those fans. 

"I have, from Neil himself! One of the reasons that I wanted to do it was that the character felt so formed, and what was really thoughtful of Neil and Allan [Heinberg] is that they sent the script over to me, but they didn’t tell me who the character was," the actor explained. "So I didn’t know it was Constantine when I read it. So I formed my own thoughts about who this person was without having any preconceptions of Constantine before, which was really smart. But yeah, Neil filled me in. He and Allan are really behind it. They seem to think it would be a good idea."

Coleman plays two versions of occult detective Joanna Constantine: 18th-century aristocrat Lady Johanna Constantine and her present-day descendant – the latter of whom is an "upgraded" version of The Sandman's John Constantine. in that the character has risen in the ranks and is now Exorcist to the Queen. To prepare, the actor learned Latin for the various exorcisms she performs on The Sandman. 

"I was walking around London and I was like, my God, it's insane, I'm walking around talking to myself, doing exorcisms, like as I'm doing my groceries," she told Total Film at San Diego Comic-Con.

As for The Sandman season 2, Coleman says she heard that "talks are going ahead at the moment." Our fingers are crossed.

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