Sam Raimi chats Spider-Man 4!

It might not quite have been the great third film we were all hoping for, but Spider-Man 3 is continuing to climb the box office charts.

So there’s no surprise that talk is still turning to the possibility of a fourth Spider-Man adventure. Given that Sony is committed to making more films, surely they’d be mad not to go straight to Sam Raimi? “Sony Pictures is going to be making many more Spider-Man pictures,” Raimi told MTV News (opens in new tab) . "I just don't know what my future holds yet."

And he’s convinced he won’t return if he can’t make it right: "If I can't find the right story that would work for me and that I could tell really well, I would like someone else to tell that story.” And then there’s the cast - "It would be really hard for me to make a movie without Tobey and Kirsten playing the two leads. I would seriously think about James Franco too, but he bit the dust in this last one."

He’s apparently planning to stay on as a producer to safeguard the new films, but has already started planning for possible villains should negotiations result in him sitting in the big chair again. "I would love to see Electro, Vulture, maybe the Sinister Six as a team," he told MTV’s news bods. That team, for those who don’t know includes the pair plus Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter. We’re not sure about Doc Ock (surely he died in Spider-Man 2?) but the rest sound like fun. One problem – three villains diluted Spidey 3’s power. Can six of ‘em really make the fourth better?

Source: ( MTV News (opens in new tab) )

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