Is Saints Row crossplay?

Saints Row
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Saints Row crossplay is not a feature available in the game, however there is cross-gen connectivity available if you want to join friends on different generations of the same console family. The multiplayer aspect of Saints Row functions as co-op, with the leaders of different incarnations of the Saints helping each other out across games, but there are limitations to this system and it's completely ruled out if your friends are on different platforms. However, if you're looking to play cross-gen and want more information on how this works, then I've provided an explanation of Saints Row crossplay and crossgen capabilities below to get you up to speed.

Saints Row crossplay and multiplayer explained

Saints Row crossplay isn't currently a feature in the game for the most part, though players can play cross-gen if they want to - meaning that PS4 and PS5 can play together, and Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, but those two families of console can't overlap in any way at time of writing. Likewise, PC players have to be limited to other PC players, with little chance of allying with their console friends any time soon, unfortunately.

How to play Saints Row coop cross-gen

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To play Saints Row coop cross-gen, follow these steps accordingly:

1. Players need to have their friends added on the respective platform they play on - i.e., you have to be friends on PSN, Xbox Live, or on Epic Games respectively. 

2. Once you are, pause the game and pick the "Co-op" option.

3. Here you'll have the option to invite friends, join friends, or change co-op settings in your own world.

Keep in mind that from what we understand, progress in co-op is limited to the host, not the person joining - you can't crack your record for insurance Fraud in Saints Row  in another person's game. You can still mix and match your Saints Row Skills to create unique builds for maximum co-op carnage though.

Will Saints Row crossplay be added later?

Saints Row

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At time of writing there's no indication that Saints Row crossplay will be added as a feature later, though it hasn't been ruled out. A representative for publisher Deep Silver told us that they could not confirm whether the feature would allow for crossplay between consoles and PC, so for the time being it may be worth acting like the feature isn't coming, at least until we have more of a reason to think that it is.

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