Rusty Hearts' Awakening update brings new moves and enemies to use them on

Perfect World Entertainment has just released the first content update for anime-brawler MMO, Rusty Hearts. The Awakening update brings new areas, a large number of added quests, additional bosses and toughened enemies – and, of course, a bunch of additional weaponry and combat abilities for the game's characters so players will have a hope of surviving all the fresh trials.

The patch also removes the game's Stamina system, effectively giving players one less thing to worry about running out of. Enemies' abilities are raised too, though: monster AI has been tweaked to make opponents more aggressive and resilient. Luckily, the level cap's been raised to 30 to help players retain an edge.

Above: Dark angel Thanatos is one of the update's new bosses

Besides 85 new side-quests exploring the game's characters and world, 40 new story-quests propel characters through the four original areas added to the update: Steamworks, Collapsed Halls, Public Baths and Guest Villa. Which is nice and all, but if you've learned your way around every attack your character's capable of, you'll be glad to know that the update adds plenty of abilities too, including offensive spells and attack combos. At least five new character-specific weapons are now available for each of the game's heroes.

Find out more about the Awakening update, including player challenges like the just-launched Ladder Challenge, on the game's blog.

Oct 13, 2011

Source: Perfect World Blog