Run Fat Boy Run review

"I'm sick of being a nearly man!" complains Simon Pegg's hapless security guard Dennis, shortly after being outpaced by a shoplifting drag queen. What chance, then, will he have against Whit (Hank Azaria), the marathon-running new beau of the ex-fiancée (Thandie Newton) he left standing at the altar five years earlier with a bun in her oven? Reprising his loveable-loser persona from Shaun Of The Dead, Pegg proves agreeable company in a lightweight Britcom whose biggest laughs emanate from its supporting cast (Dylan Moran's debauched deadbeat, Harish Patel's spatula-wielding landlord). Shame that David Schwimmer's direction is so flat-footed in other departments, depending as it does on an assortment of lame cameos (David Walliams, heptathlete Denise Lewis) and stroppy grandmothers who say "cock!" to plug the gaps.

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