Rumoured Marvel Xcom game could be announced later this month

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A Marvel Xcom game could be on the way as 2K Games is set to announce a "new franchise" very soon.

Take-Two Interactive, the publisher's parent company, recently held its quarterly earnings call where president Karl Slatoff told investors that "later this month, 2K will unveil details of another exciting new franchise planned for launch during this fiscal year."

Earlier this summer, a post on Reddit revealed a handful of details about the company's upcoming slate of games. One such detail claimed that Firaxis is working on a "turn-based action game using Marvel property", with "famous actors voicing the characters", which could mean that this is the game 2K are gearing up to announce. However, the list also discusses another title, Codename Volt, a project described in the leak as a "new action game." This game is talked up in the leak as "Cthulu meets Saints Row," but is reportedly only in the relatively early stages of development.

Some of the details on that list - including the existence of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and NBA 2K22's cover star - have already been confirmed as accurate, lending extra credence to the two other titles that 2K could be gearing up to announce.

The suggestion that the reveal is coming later this month means that we won't be waiting very long to find out what 2K has in store. With Gamescom 2021 set to take place towards the end of August, it seems pretty likely that the company could use Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live showcase on August 25 to show off its new game.

With the reveal just around the corner, Slatoff also confirmed that we won't be waiting too long for the game itself, either. A release date set "during this fiscal year" means that whatever the company has up its sleeve will arrive on or before March 31, 2022, which is around eight months away.

While many of those leaked details have been corroborated or confirmed, it's always worth remaining skeptical about posts of this nature until we get official confirmation from developers or publishers. It's also worth remembering that Slatoff may not have been referring to either Firaxis' project or Codename Volt, but we'll find out one way or another very soon.

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