Rumour Control: Statham, Sub-Mariner?

Jason Statham has been firing his mouth off to promote of his latest pic, The Bank Job. He’s been talking about all sorts of upcoming projects, including a couple that actually might be good.

First up, a certain lesser-known Marvel hero: “I took a meeting for Sub-Mariner,” he told “I don’t know if I’d look right running around in a tight Speedo with wings on my ankles, but there’s so many cool fucking characters.” Namor (as he’s known to his mates) is the son of a sea captain and a princess of the sunken city of Atlantis, and possesses a bucketload of superhuman powers, including obvious talents underwater, plus flight, control over marine life and an extended lifespan.

And the other? Statham drops word that a new version of The Crow is being kicked around, and that he’d snap up the chance to start cracking skulls in the lead role. For more on all this (including who he’d like to work with), head over to .