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Rumor: Slimline PSP in the works?

One of the most recurrent industry rumors of the past few months is that Sony is readying the launch of a new, redesigned PSP. While we've already had a go at anticipating the areas Sony could be improving for a PSP 2, we're being led to believe that the updated handheld will in fact be more of a 1.5.

In fact, if we're correct, the key thing to change doesn't involve faster load times, a better screen, new analog sticks, improved buttons or even built-in flash memory, but, rather mundanely, a slimmer casing.

Like us, you're probably wondering how Sony can make the PSP much thinner than it already is, but look what it did to the PS2. Their tech-wizards managed to cram all the chips into a casing that was a fraction of the weight and size of the original - and add a built-in Ethernet slot.

The PSPredesign might necessitate the need for a flash drive and reconsidered button placement of course, and there's always the possibility of building in add-ons like the camera attachment (released in the UK last week) and the GPS device we're promised later in the year. In fact, it's possibleSony hasdecided to wait to integrate this function into the new PSP rather than as an add-on. After all, even the Gizmondo managed that.

Given the Slimline PSP will still use the UMD, it's going to have to be slightly thicker than 4mm but that allows for similar dimensions to the 30 Gb video iPod's 11mm. Which is pretty sexy compared to the old PSP's bulbous 22mm. Look forward to a press release to confirm this in the near future or we'll eat our PSPs.

May 29, 2007