Ron Howard teases Han Solo movie outfits with a space disco style that has to be Lando (...right?)

Ron Howard, the freshly-appointed director of the Han Solo movie, isn't wasting any time getting down to business. And by "business" I mean "teasing fans with a look behind the scenes." This week, Howard tweeted out a closet rack full of colorful costumes, asking fans if they could guess who they belong to.

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Han has always opted for more neutral colors and practical wear, while Lando has been seen strutting about the galaxy with a well-styled mustache, fanciful costumes, and a frickin' cape. So naturally one would think that we're seeing some of the outfits Donald Glover will be wearing in his role as the younger version of Mr. Calrissian.

That said, Howard has previously tweeted out pictures of water bottles, coffee mugs, and a sign directing cars to Pinewood Studios, so it's not like he's the type to just give away information. It's possible that because the costumes seem to be so obviously tied to Lando that Howard is using our presumptions to throw a curveball.

In any case, the director sure seems eager and happy to be working on the film - hopefully it leads to a fun final product in 2018.

Not everyone is thrilled about the director shakeup, but if recent leaks are anything to go by, if nothing else the film will look great.

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