Han Solo movie leaks show Han and Chewie together, plus Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke in costume

The Han Solo movie is finally releasing (read: getting things leaked) stuff that isn’t soul-crushingly negative. A few juicy glimpses at a scene involving Han, Chewie (!), Woody Harrelson  and Emilia Clarke’s characters have been seen in the wild – and we might finally have some sort of idea about Emilia Clarke’s role.

TMZ have got the scoop on two separate images, as well as a video of the scene. Check out the trifecta of tantalising peeks before I go for a deep dig into what’s happening in the scene – and hope to come up with some gold.

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The pics show Han, Chewie (boy, it sure is great to see them together again), Emilia Clarke and someone who looks a hell of a lot like Woody Harrelson arriving via lift. The first instincts, when looking at the glass cases, would be that of a museum but the décor is very homely – just check out that wallpaper – so we’re probably looking at a wealthy collector.

The idea of wealth certainly feeds into Emilia Clarke’s attire. She’s wearing flowing white robes, normally fit for someone of great wealth and stature in the galaxy – think Leia or Mon Motha – and, crucially, she’s leading the way. It sure looks like she’s introducing Han and Chewie to someone.

My theory? That certain someone is a collector (hence the rows of artifacts encased in glass) and he or she wants Han to go and swipe something valuable. He is a smuggler after all. Emilia Clarke’s character looks to be acting the middle-man in these shady goings-on; it’s probably all part of the opening act before things really get going.

Image: Lucasfilm

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