Rockstar quiet on fourth GTA IV trailer rumours

Jan 9, 2008

Rockstar is keeping quiet in the face of rumours that a fourth trailer from Grand Theft Auto IV is in the pipeline.

The rumour originally appeared on German website, said to be taken from a recent interview with Rockstar. However, the site has since removed its article, leading to speculation among conspiracy theorists that the report was on the money. Either that or it was just plain wrong.

Rockstar's UK arm shed no light on the rumour on a new trailer when contacted earlier today, but a spokesperson reaffirmed that the sequel will be out in the company's financial Q2 - which runs from February this year to April 25, 2008.

Will the Rockstar hype machine release a fourth trailer before the game hits? We wouldn't be surprised. Could it announce a release date? Who knows, but it's good fun guessing.

Courtesy of CVG.