GTA Online Beach Bum pack coming in November, cash payments further delayed

It's good news and bad news for GTA Online players in Rockstar's latest Newswire update. First, the bad news:

That "stimulus package" meant to make good on weeks of glitches and lost progress with two payments of in-game $250,000 has been further delayed. Rockstar said the first disbursement, intended to arrive early this week, will now be held until another stability-enhancing title update goes live next week.

Now the good news: GTA 5's first major content update, the Beach Bum Pack, will arrive for free in early November. New beach-themed vehicles and weaponry will be added to both the single-player and multiplayer game, and GTA Online characters can spend their illicitly earned cash on new hairstyles, tattoos, and other customization options.

New jobs including Gang Attacks, Survivals, Parachutes and more will be added across the coastlines of Los Santos and Blaine County as part of the pack. The content creator, which will allow players to custom-build jobs themselves, is set to open later this fall.

Connor Sheridan

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