Robin Williams gets Wedding Banned

Robin Williams has signed on to star in Touchstone's comedy Wedding Banned.

While the idea of Robin Williams and a title that includes "wed" makes us shudder at the thought of another, awful, License To Wed-style pic, it clearly hasn't put him off.

Fresh off of working on high concept comedy Old Dogs for Disney, he's back in the saddle, playing one half of a divorced couple who kidnap their daughter as she's about to walk down the aisle to stop her making a mistake.

And - don't tell us you didn't see this one coming - the pair re-kindle their own relationship as they race away from the police and the angry groom.

There's no word on a director yet, so we might be spared this one for a while...

[Source: Variety ]

Another high-concept Williams comedy. Excited? Distraught? Bored? Speak!

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