Robert Pattinson talks The Rover's extreme shoot

In issue 221 of Total Film magazine , Robert Pattinson chats about breaking out of his Twilight box and the gruelling shoot behind his forthcoming sci-fi drama The Rover.

Inside the issue - which is available for just £2.99 on your iPad - Pattinson admits that the tough, outback-centric shoot actually helped build his character.

"I kind of liked it!" the star laughed. "If you were trying to play someone who wasn't filthy and disgusting all the time, then it would have been annoying - having someone constantly get rid of your sweat or seomthing. But when youw allow around in it, it's kind of nice!"

And it wasn't just the elements that were driving Pattinson and his co-star Guy Pearce loco.

"We both got sunburned and looked like shit. There wasn't anything to eat out there, so I'd been eating slices of bread with BBQ sauce on for six eweks. You turn into a fucking lunatic."

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