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Robert Downey Jr. promises Avengers: Age Of Ultron will shake up Marvel third-act formula

While Marvel has yet to serve up anything that could be described as a dud, a frequent criticism of recent outings has been that the third act has sometimes failed to live up to what has come before…

However, according to Robert Downey Jr., Avengers: Age Of Ultron is about to buck the trend, with an end sequence to blow its box office rivals out of the water…

"There was a Rubik’s Cube to how to make these things have an Act Three," says Downey to SlashFilm , "that you’re just going, 'I really hope you like Acts One and Two because now we’ve just gotta do all this stuff.'"

"To me, and I think it was the same thing in Iron Man 3 , Act Three was the strongest act. I think that this is really gunning for that sort of thing. Because I love movies. I love these kinds of movies. I feel like I’m just a very tolerant kind of consumer with these things."

"But I think that there has to be a bit of a transcendence of formula. And so without giving too much away… when the first draft came in I thought, “Oh wow, it didn’t fall into that trap.” And I read the last page and I got chills, for a reason I definitely can’t explain. This is gonna be very cool."

With the end of Age Of Ultron likely to set up the Civil War storyline of Captain America 3 , it's easy to believe Marvel has something different up its sleeve this time around. We'll find out for sure when the film opens in the UK on 24 April 2015.