Rob Liefeld is assembling a rogues' gallery for Deadpool

Deadpool strikes.
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Deadpool's first ever original graphic novel, Bad Blood, was published back in 2017, but found a new lease of life last year when Marvel re-released it as a miniseries. That story introduced us to Thumper - Wade Wilson's former best friend, Miles Ellison, now a bitter and deadly rival. Their feud continues in Deadpool: Badder Blood, an all-new sequel series which debuts its first issue on June 7.

Written and drawn by Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, the five-issue miniseries sees the Merc with a Mouth team up with Cable and Wolverine to tackle this growing threat. But, as you'll see in the exclusive preview below, Thumper is a tough nut to snikt!

Part of the inspiration for the new story came from a desire on Liefeld's part to fill out the villains of Deadpool's world. 

"Deadpool really doesn't have a rogues' gallery of his own, he mostly tangles with other heroes villains, so I dedicated the entirety of Bad Blood to building up the story of Thumper," Liefeld told The Hollywood Reporter back in December. "With Badder Blood, Thumper is making moves across the gangs and crime organizations of the Marvel Universe to squeeze Deadpool and deliver him into his clutches. Thumper is also moving to destroy all the scientists behind the Weapon X program and specifically the program that created him. It's a romp that continues to build out a rogues' gallery for Deadpool."

The cover from Deadpool: Badder Blood #1.

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Marvel's official solicitation blurb for the comic gives us a few more details:


WADE WILSON is back, and he’s brought some frenemies! As the villainous THUMPER returns to take out the man who created him, WOLVERINE and CABLE step in for a daring rescue mission. But as DEADPOOL becomes embroiled in nefarious criminal machinations in MADRIPOOR, will the trio be able to join forces…or will Thumper's agenda put an end to their efforts? Don’t miss the highly anticipated follow-up to DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD, as Rob Liefeld returns to the Merc with a Mouth and introduces NEW characters into his wild world who are sure to become the next fan-faves, including the first appearance of SHATTERSTORM!"

Deadpool: Badder Blood #1 is published by Marvel Comics on June 7.

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