Cable and Bishop take on the Children of the Vault this summer in new X-Men spinoff

Children of the Vault #1 cover art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's upcoming 'Fall of X' X-Men event is coming to shake up the mutant status quo this summer, including the launch of several new titles. Now the publisher has announced details of the Children of the Vault miniseries, a title previously teased earlier this year at MegaCon.

Written by Deniz Camp, with art from Luca Maresca, Children of the Vault sees Cable and Bishop take on the eponymous villains - post-human denizens of the Vault, a time-displaced artificial reality full of powerful beings who hate mutantkind.

For several years now, the Vault has threatened mutants, with several of the X-Men having previously ventured inside to gather intel. Now the threat is coming to a head, and the X-Men will have to bring the fight to their enemies.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"With Children of the Vault, we're taking what Mike Carey, Jonathan Hickman, and Gerry Duggan have established and filling in the gaps to more fully flesh out their motivations and methods," Camp explains in Marvel's official announcement. 

"It's been a real thrill to invent a whole new society for the Marvel Universe, with its own brutal history, culture, prejudices, personalities, and politics," he continues. "Just as important to this book are Cable and Bishop, two characters I've long known and recently come to love. We're embracing their rich history and complicated pasts (and futures!) to create a dynamic that I think feels fresh but deeply rooted in the characters."

Children of the Vault #1 goes on sale August 9 with a cover from Yanick Paquette, seen here, and will run for four issues.

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